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sheldon (over radio): red leader to red five. red leader to red five. anybody up for a little game? i spy with my little eye... a nonferrous metal. must be out of range. leonard, can i ask you a question? sure. are you bothered by the fact that your former girlfriend left the symposium with what is probably the most beautiful man i've ever seen in my life? no. why do you ask? because we're going 120 miles per hour.
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all right, if no one's going to guess... i was spying the aluminum rims on the police car we passed a few miles back. (siren wailing) captioning sponsored by cbs andwarner bros. television captioned by media access group at wgbh
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>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel. two people are sent to the hop after their small boat collides with a crowded ferry in san francisco bay wftv peking i'm ken wayne gram hello everyone i'm heather holmes. >> it has a frightening ride for those enjoying saturday afternoon on san francisco bay. a small vessel slammed into the side of it. ktvu's debora villalon is live at ferry building. >> reporter: at least while the coast guard investigates the lights are
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still on. we have seen inspectors and personnel on board. by all appearances it was the recreational boat that got offcourse and paid. coast guard crews were training on the bay when this 24' run about apparently ran into the side of the ferry a couple of miles offshore. you can see the shattered glass and mangled bows. two men were injured, one seriously. passengers felt the ferry shake and stop. >> i could feel the boat where i was standing and see these people just laying there. >> reporter: rushing to look, passengers snapped the pictures of the danged boat. >> blood everywhere was the thing that we could see was a lot of boat and they couldn't move. i think we saw a little hand waving. >> reporter: coast guard bot to the men in minutes and found their boat still operable and started to drive it to shore, but first taking on passengers, volunteers from the ferry.
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>> there were two good samaritan , one a surgeon and insurgent to register aid. >> the ferry loaded with 500 passengers went on its way to san francisco where it was taken out of service for the investigation. the ferry "sonoma" took over the remainder of its runs for the evening. with help from tiburon paramedics the two boaters were stabilized and taken hot hospital. the doctor and nurse who helped out got a ride back to their original destination san francisco courtesy of the coast guard. people enjoying a meal or views were startled to see the triage emergency unfold in front of them in the harbor. >> they were still getting stabilized on the boat with new neck braces and you know, blood it looks like they had some glass hitting them. >> reporter: learning that the boat collided with a 90-ton ferry was a shock. >> oh, my gosh, a collision with a ferry?
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wow. >> reporter: and it is a raw occurrence. coast guard personnel we talked said they could not remember a ferry and pleasure boat colliding and we watched as that boat was towed away for examination. and drug and alcohol testing will be standard proures for both skippers, but it may turn out to be a case of inattention. live in san francisco, debora villalon. ktvu . tragedy early this morning on treasure island as a fire raced through an apartment complex, killing a 10-year-old girl. ktvu's lorraine blanco with more on the efforts to save the little girl and what sent two firefighters to the hospital. >> reporter: looking at this amateur cell phone video you can see the flames were intense and the rush to save a little girl trapped inside a mariner avenue apartment just as fervent. >> i started to cry because i couldn't get the girl. so i jumped down off the stairs, but flames came down right when i got to the door,
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the house blew up and glass started popping all over the place. >> neighbor jeffrey chambers saw the 10 "the real deal"'s mother screaming for help and could hear the little girl carlene crying inside, but he couldn't get through neither could the federateds. >> a member fell through the floor that was compromised and fell from the second floor to the first floor. >> reporter: the aggressive tactics used to rescue the girl injured two firefighters. the fire proved to be too strong. >> when the top blew up, i couldn't hear her any more. >> kids seem to hurt more because we're all parents and seem to have kids and sometimes we all do our best to protect the kids. >> reporter: the american red cross helped more than two dozen residents with food and shelter. the cause is under investigation. the units are managed by community housing partnership and the residents get assistance from catholic charities. so in next few days the two non- profits will have to get
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together and figure out where all of these families will live. it was a delayed day in oakland where two people were killed in two separate incidents less than 12 hours apart. police say the latest homicide happened before 5:00 this evening onleth street and peralta in west oakland. officers say when they arrived on scene they up for a man with several gunshot wounds on the sidewalk. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police have not release nid suspect information. and early this morning a fatal stabbing in oakland claimed the life of another man. emergency-responders were called to east 11th street near 7th avenue after 6:00 a.m. that just three blocks from oakland police headquarters. they found a 22-year-old man stabbed in the chest of he was pronounced dead at the scene. police are looking for a suspect seen running from the area. police say there are no been 12 homicides in oakland so far this year. police say a teenager was shot to death outside of a high school in watsonville last
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night. investigators say the 18-year- old man was shot multiple times outside of watsonville high school on east beach room of the watson ville beach tell the register he was marcos ortega. a uc santa cruz student says she plans to return to campus after being shot in the headmont night. the 21-year-old was at this bus stop near natural bridges beach when a man with a rifle robbed and so the her. doctors removed a bullet from her skull. police are still looking for her attacker. in a statement today the woman said she is "extremely moved by the kind words and genuine concern that have been extended to her by friend, family and strangers." san francisco muni officials say a woman is in hospital after being hit by a muni bus. this accident at lake merced
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and john muir drive. we're told that the victim's injuries are non-life threatening. the driver is undergoing standard drug and alcohol tests. >> authorities have identified a man who died when his pickup slammed into a tanker truck in novato this morning. the highway patrol says 43-year- old hit a big rig parked on the northbound lanes of highway 101 in novato. officials say the driver of the tasker was sleeping in his cab when the pickup ran into the back of him at about 6:40 a.m. the highway patrol says the pickup driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel. big-rig driver was mothurt. police say seven teenagers were hospitalized in a single- car accident in east san josi. investigators say the suv flipped and rolled over after the driver lost control on marren avenue and mount kenyan kyph. police say the vehicle was probably going foo fast. firefighters had to use the jaws of life to rescue the driver. >> i heard a screech and like
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a boom and we came running overhey to make sure everyone was all right. there was a guy pull something people out of car. >> the victims were taken to three different hospitals. investigators say three teens had serious injuries, but nonin critical condition. just after a meterreer flared over the skis of russia triggering a shockwave that that you ared over a thousand, the bay area experienced an unusual light show. ktvu's allie rasmus asked nasa about the activity. >> reporter: kids were captivated by the activities, but many parents had questions and concerns about recent cosmic activity. >> it gives you the opportunity to get the big picture and see what is happening out there. >> reporter: first was the asteroid that struck russia creating a sonic boom that injured thousands. later in the day people watched afterroid ad-13 skim by. and mittt minutes after that, a much smaller meteor created a flash seen across the
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bay area. >> it was a cosmic coincidence. a lot of times they want to know if they are related and i tell them they are not related. >> thee in one day and makes up workmanship if the next one is around corner. >> reporter: three cosmic objects passing by or into earth in one day isn't unusual, but what is rare that they all passed over populated area and were recorded and shared with a worldwide audience. like the video on youtube of yesterday's bay area meteor captured by a driver in san francisco. >> most of the earth is 70% water and most of them happen over water and don't see them. >> reporter: nasa scientists are constantly searching the skies. >> there is about a thousand asteroids potentially hazardous. >> sometimes the ones go undetected until they strike. leaving nothing, but questions
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and exclamations of wonder many their wake. in mountainview, allie rasmus, ktvu . nasa says the asteroid d-a- 13 passed so close to the earth yesterday that our planet's gravity actually articled its orbit. researchers say it's expected to run in the year 2046 and meanwhile nasa is launching a mission to study another asteroid that has one of the highest probabilities of hitching earn of any known overediot, 1 in 400 late in next century. meantime residents in russia are cleaning up after that meteor yesterday streaked through the sky causing what felt like an atomic bomb. coming up at 10:30, more on the aftermath, including the race it to fix all of these broken window as temperatures there
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drop to dangerous levels. >> it was bone-dry, not even one drop. >> bay area pilot unexpectedly grounded. the crime he is warning other pilots about and what he says needs to be done. also, an unusual accident tonight in the east bay. what the driver of this harley was doing when he crashed his motorcycle right into the neighbor's garage. people from across the bay area and across california span out in search of a missing man. the tearful message his mother has for him.
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. we have new video tonight of an unusual accident in the east bay. an antioch man drove a brand- new harley-davidson motorcycle through the wall of a neighbor's home. it happened on finch drive. contra costa county fire officials the man told investigators he was trying to dive his new motorcycle into his garage when the throttle stuck and the motorcycle shot across the lawn, through a fence and through the wall. the driver was taken to the hospital with what were described as non-life- threatening injuries. it is the kind of theft which can leave a pilot shaking out his head and shelling out a lot more money at the pump. jade hernandez is live at san carlos airport how one bay area pilot found himself grounded by crime. >> reporter: the pilot drove by the average it knowing that he had filled up with gas, but driving into
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the san carlos airport what he discovered he reported to the police. >> the tank is full, so i cannot open it because it's bog to be a spill. >> reporter: he says last week his pre-fleet wreck on his cessna 210 wasn't routine. >> when i checked the right tank it was bone dry, not one drop. >> reporter: 50 gallons of gasoline was gone and he says the thief only left him with 10 gallons many his left tank. >> today, i have 18 gallons. >> reporter: he says after reporting the theft to the san mateo sheriff's office he is only warn other pilots. gas costs $5.50 a gallon, making his loss almost $250, but dabir says it's just the tip of the iceberg. >> a few months ago, i had a call from the airport operations, and there is eight airplanes broke into, they took the fuel. >> reporter: by phone the deputy spokeswoman
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for the sheriff's office said other than dabir's report no other pilots have come forward. the sheriff's office hasn't yet met with the san carlos duty manager, but dabbish is adamant his theft could be solved just by using airport survase. >> where is the video? you can see plate number. >> reporter: airport operations told me although aware of the theft they haven't added extra security and this pilot wasn't sure that was a wise move. >> it's like somebody steal yours car, they watch you. >> reporter: we were told by the airport that a duty manager wouldn't be available to speak to us on- camera until next week. and we checked with the palo alto airport and they had no reports of any thefts. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. people flying in or out of san francisco international may
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run into delays this weekend. the airport says it's due to continued runway work. . the los angeles police department says it's reviewing what should happen to the $1 million in reward money for information that led to the capture of fugitive former l.a. cop christopher dorner. authorities say it appears that dorner killed himself tuesday inside a burning cabin in san bernadino county and now a man carjacked by dorner earlier in the day thinks he deserves the reward. >> my phone call directly put an end to the biggest manhunt in southern california history. >> heltebrake says he would be willing to split the money with the couple tied up by dorner and managed to get free and call 911. after his remarks the couple said they weren't thinking about the reward money. they were just happy to be alive. dozens of people in support of dorner demonstrated today at the lapd headquarters, agreeing with dorner's claims he was unfairly fired from the lapd
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and while they say they don't condone the killings attributed to dorner, the group believed he was a victim systematic corruption into the los angeles police department. the family of olympic athlete oscar pistorius came to his defense today. denying charges that he murdered his girlfriend on valentine's day. the track star's uncle told the press there is no substance to the murder charges. 29 reeva steenkamp was found shot to death inside pistorius' home on thursday. pistorius is in custody pending a bail hearing on tuesday. interstate security pierre- john mcafee is back in the caribbean to reunite with his girlfriend. the article says the software mogul plans to marry his girlfriend to bring her back to the united states.
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mcafee is wanted in questioning in the murder of his neighborhood in belize. military aircrafts intercepted a cessna 152 to an airfield outside of restricted airspace surrounding palm city, florida. members of the security service and federal aviation administration met with the pilot and interest is no word on why the pilot flew into the restricted air face. >> it's been a few days since the passengers of crippled cruise ship "triumph" returned to dry land and a lawsuit has been filed against the company. a woman filed a lawsuit seeking unspecified damages. the 9-page complaint describes the "triumph" as a "floating hell." >> but some had high praises for the crew.
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>> the crew was outstanding and accommodating as well as the other partners. >> the investigation into what went wrong is well underway the ship is registered in the bahamas, so the bahamian maritime authority is the primary investigative body. the cellular and national transportation safety coast guard and national transportation safety board will be assisting in the investigation. a woman from san diego is in a desperate search for her son. john sasaki says that family and friends haven't seen the man many more than a week. >> reporter: dozens people gathered in san francisco to search for 20-year- old christian hughes. >> this could be your son, your nephew. please help us. >> reporter: they met in the bayview to hand out fliers because one of his high school friends live there. >> we don't want to think that anything bad has happened to him, but he has been missing for a week and we can only hope that is not the case. >> reporter:
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emily vasquez is says she was the last to talk to him two thursdays ago. >> he wanted to move to san francisco within four months and you know, there was no reason for him to just up and leaf. there is some kind of motive for him leaving and i don't know what it is. >> hugges came to visit from san diego and disappeared before heading home on the 7th. >> we want him back, because he doesn't do this. he just doesn't go. >> reporter: police in san francisco and san diego regard this as a missing person's case. his mother came here to search for him. >> he is very passionate about everything that he does. he is responsible and he works and he loves animals. he is just full of life. >> reporter: hughes was staying op a home on capital avenue near ocean avenue. nobody has heard from him for ten days. >> christian, please call your mom, i miss you terribly. i need to lear you are okay.
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i love you. >> reporter: anyone with information is asked to call the san francisco police. san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. it appears the catholic church isn't wasting anytime and just how soon church cardinals will name a new pope. and the "titanic" sailing again? the efforts underway in hong kong to give the vessel a second chance at life. changes in the pacific. coming up the temperature drop you can expect for tomorrow and when the rain clouds resurface on our five-day forecast. right? i do got this. et everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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at&t. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. . it is shaping up to be another weekend of wild weather in parts of u.s. near detroit whiteout companies are being blamed for accidents that closed parts of two interstate highways. south carolina also saw snow
10:26 pm
and national weather service issued a winter storm warning for parts of massachusetts with forecasters predicting heavy snow and strong winds there overnight. from the vatican comes word that catholic cardinals could choose a new pope sooner than expected. that the pappan conclive, the group of cardinals that chooses the pope could meet earlier than march 15th if the coordinates are already fathered in rome. coordinates are eager to make their decision before palm sunday. pope benedict xvi is scheduled to step down on february 28th. in other news of the world in kabul president hamid karzai says he will issue a decree banning afghan security forces from asking for foreign help to carry out airstrikes in residential areas. the announcement comes days a joint inside rate in kunar provence can afghan officials say killed ten civilians, including women and children.
10:27 pm
children. in pakistani city tonight at least 6 apeople are dead and another 180 injures after a bomb ripped through a market. the attack occurred in a predominantly shi'ite neighborhood. police say the bomb may have contained as much as 2200 pounds of explosives and apparently set off by a remote control device. a sun ewe group that carried out a january attack has reportedly claimed responsible for today's attack. and from hong kong, preparations are underway to see the "titanic" sail again. today a representative for clive palmer says a half-dozen people are offering more than a million dollars to get a spot on the maiden voyage. the voyage is expected to happen in 2017. a dolphin is swimming free in san diego waters after a seaworld worker and life guards came to his rescue. >> got him? >> got him. >> this is cell phone video of
10:28 pm
the rescue operation yesterday in the waters off la jolla in san diego county. the dolphin was trapped in fishing line and told lifeguards and these lifeguards called seaworld for help and together they freed the dolphin. >> it would have died. >> i have no doubt in my mind that this animal would have succumbed to its injuries. >> the seaworld team determined that the dolphin would be okay on its own after it was freedom and say what happened to this animal is a reminder that people should not toss their old fishing line or any other trash into the water. and japanese loggerhead turtle is getting help to swim again with new prosthetic fins. the turtle's front flippers were torn to shreds five years ago by a shark and now she has been fitted with numerous pairs of prosthetic fins. this pair slipped off, but
10:29 pm
workers will try to adjust them so the turtle can swim comfortable. >> that would be nice. a meteor flash with the intensity of an atomic bomb. and the race to get the damage it caused fixed. >> are the blue angels in danger of being put on chopping block? k it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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the f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. . that is what people in russias a chelyabinsk region in siberia hear when a 7,000 ton meteor threw through the sky. more than a thousand people were hurt. nasa says the near theore released the evaluate of equivalent of 500 kilotons.
10:32 pm
adam housley reports. >> reporter: it's being called the city of broken glass. more than 24,000 people working to clean the damage from the chelyabinsk region. the explosion blew out windows from more than 4,000 buildings and 1200 people sustained injuries most caused by flying glass. >> i told the students to move from the windows and not long after that the meteor explode. they were all fine, but when they got back to their seats the piece of glass threw over their head. >> reporter: nasa estimates the meteor to have been 55' across and weighing 10 tons the same as a school bus, but smaller than the unrelated asteroid that flew by earth a few hours later. it created a dangerous situation with midday temperatures around 10 degrees fahrenheit. some are heading out to a frozen lake to look for meteor fragments. >> i noticed it went down this
10:33 pm
way and thought an asteroid is flying. here it shattered. i better pay attention to where it falls and go and explore them. >> reporter: the region's govern estimates the damage to be in the neighborhood of $33 million, but promises all residents that all the windows bron outland released in next week. in los angeles adam housley, fox news. a san francisco tradition is on the federal budget chopping block. according to the san francisco chronicle the blue angels and possibly fleet week may be canceled if automatic spending cuts known as sequestration are plimpted march implemented march 1st. an e-mail last month warning funds would be slashed for the blue angels if those cuts bring in. authorities cited three restaurants in and around sonoma during an alcohol stung. roundtable pizza, hot monk
10:34 pm
tavern and pizzeria capri were all cited for selling to be able underaged minor decoys. they are all forwarded to the alcoholic beverage control for allegessed violations. the marin reports that crews are using pile drivers to begin construction on the 136,000 store. the noisy portion of this process is expected to be completed this month. a target spokeswoman says the construction timeline is on track with the store scheduled to be open in october. bmw has announce audrecall of more than half a million cars in the u.s. and canada because of a potential problem with the battery cable connector that can cause engines to stall. the recall includes the bmw 3 series moils from 2007-2011. one series coupes and convertibles from 2008-2012 and the z4 sports scar from 2009- 2011. bmw says dealers will replace the connector for free and it
10:35 pm
will start notifying owners in march. public safety officials in palo alto will be taking to twitter on their rounds again next week. police chief dennis burns held a virtual ride along through downtown until 2:00 a.m. this morning. a lieutenant took pictures and tweeted what was happening to the department's twitter followers and now the city's fire department has excelled its own twitter ride along for tuesday starting at 8:00 a.m.. authorities on the peninsula tonight are warning residents of portola valley of a mountain lion sighting. this report came from this morning from someone in the 3300 block of alpine road. experts recommend that people not hike at dawn, dusk or night when the mountain lions are most active. hundreds laced up their sneaks in oakland for a walk benefiting the muscular dystrophy association at the oakland coliseum. about 500 people took part.
10:36 pm
the muscular dystrophy association says for every dollar raised during today's event $0.77 goes to bay area families. >> it also goes towards wheelchair repairs, much-needed research, support groups and the best, our mda summer camp. >> they raised $78,000, $12,000 more than last year. the money will help 3,000 bay area families facing muscle diseases. history made today out on san francisco bay. the record that this sailboat smashed when it docked today at pier 39. the bay area spring of pleasant weather continued, but that is about to change. meteorologist mark tamayo joins us next with what we can expect to see rain return. >> and remember you can get ktvu news to go on your cell phone. download the ktvu apple and click the live icon and watch all of your newscasts live. be connected anytime, anywhere.
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. the crew of the sailboat "maserati got a hero's welcome home as it smashed record for sailing all the way from new york to san francisco. it took the crew 47 days to sail 13 arson miles around cape horn, beating the old record by about ten days. the 8-person crew left new york harbor on december 319. the maserati ended its joyage this morning, tieing up at pier 39. welcome in italian. >> mark tamayo and find out how they are going to enjoy the weather now that they are in the city. >> great weather for their arrival today. we'll all have to bundle up as
10:40 pm
we head into next week for monday, tuesday and the rain clouds making a big comeback as well. temperatures this afternoon warmed up nicely, 60s and lower 70s of today juv a little cooler compared to yesterday's really warm reading. right now on the satellite, high clouds to our east. you may have noticed high clouds earlier today. we have fog developing offshore and a few patches heading into the bay. so the fog will be a factor hugging parts of san mateo coastline, closer to half moon bay. as far as temperatures they are beginning to cool off some upper 40s towards fairfield and livermore. tomorrow, our cooling trend really kicks in for your sunday and the extended rain returns and also a big dropoff in temperatures. you will notice that change over the next few days. first thing tomorrow morning, areas cooler spots in the upper 40s, san francisco 46 and san
10:41 pm
josi starting outdate 42 degrees. high pressure has opinion in charge of our weather over the past few days and today still warm, but we'll begin to cool off for your sunday into monday. of course the holiday weekend for a few folks out there. still dry into monday, but you notice the overall temperature change into monday. big dropoff as this area of low pressure moves in. there is the rain cloud on tuesday. increasing rain chances and the forecast models all agree tag we'll have least some moderate rainfall first thing tuesday morning. the chance of a few isolated thunderstorms and temperatures only maxing out in the low to mid-50s. there is a possibility that we could have a dusting of snow in the bay area hills up above 2500-3,000'. so a big change developing over the next few daysm tomorrow morning, fog hugging the coastline. into monday we'll thick enup the cloud cover. we're dry into monday, but by tuesday that batch of rain moving in from the north to the south, tuesday morning into the afternoon hours of as far as
10:42 pm
temperatures for tomorrow, every cools off a good on average about 3-6 weekend from today's highs. santa rosa, 66. san josi 64 and half moon bay, you have patchy fog neider the immediate shoreline. half moon bay in the upper 50s. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast. as you can see here, temperatures cooling off into monday. still dry. there is the rain cloud. we're excited about the rain on tuesday and lingering clouds and wednesday. just a slight chance of sprinkle's with take a look at thursday. heather and ken, you may have been noticing i have been socializing more in the newsroom because it's a quiet weather pattern. finally we'll be busy in the weather department by tuesday. >> back to work to you are. no more goofing off. thank you, mark. an exciting tradition in chinatown rushed to its original home today. the annual chinese new year basketball jamboree has been going on for 20 years, but it was moved out of the betty ann
10:43 pm
ong recreational center so the facility could be rebuilt. the center re-opened last summer and the basketball jamboree settled back into it's old home. 75 middle schools will participate in today's event. well, coming up, a winner is crowned in the el camrino real derby. sportswrap is next
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